Friday, January 9, 2015

Improve Your Energy Efficiency with Replacement Windows

Last month we talked about reducing your energy bills by focusing on insulation solutions. If you haven't acted yet to get a quote for insulation you should still seriously consider getting an estimate today! But lets keep going...lets move on to a very hot topic - WINDOWS!

I know windows can be one of the most attractive features in your home, and they might even have been the reason you purchased your home! Windows can provide views, light, ventilation, and so much more. Unfortunately, windows - even the most beautiful wood windows, can account for 10-25% of your heating bill in the winter months. Plus, throughout the summer, your will find your air conditioner having to work even harder to cool hot air from sunny windows. Overworked air conditioners over time can result in high replacement costs and ongoing expensive service calls. UGH! 

So what to do? Consider Energy Efficient Windows!

Energy efficient windows come with features like: low-e glass, special coatings, multi-pane window options, gas filled and vacuum seals, warm-edge spacers and advanced frame materials — all these window features come together to keep the summer heat at bay and the winter cold outside, away from you and your family, all while maximizing your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems - AND SAVING YOU MONEY.

So many features...where do you begin when purchasing replacement windows? Call for an estimate from a window professional like Father and Son Building and Remodeling. Only professional contractors like Father and Son with licensing and solid BBB Ratings can offer real solutions. A professional will come to your home measure your windows, explain your replacement window options and in no time you will be enjoying the perfect temperature home with your new windows!

Can't wait for your estimate and want some tricks to hold you over until then? 
Try some of these energy efficient tricks:

  • Thermal drapes. Long, heavy curtains with back blockers to keep the cold air from moving further than the window into your home.
  • Sealants and weatherstripping. They are temporary and removable but seal up windows in the winter. The down side is you won’t be able to open the window until you remove the sealant, but the lack of drafts may be worth it.
  • Plastic Covers. Cover windows with clear plastic sheets by sticking double-sided tape around the frame and then blasting it with a hair dryer to eliminate wrinkles and ripples. Some may even want to consider covering windows with aluminum foil to block the heat rays or even solar screens. 
  • Interior shutters. Interior shutters prevent heat transfer from making it into your home. But like drapes, they block out views. 
  • Storm windows. These can be installed with some ease and can be installed either temporarily or permanently, however, storm windows are not the best for insulation, but they do stop drafts and weather from getting into your home.

Visit our website to learn more about replacement windows or call Father and Son Building and Remodeling at 419-471-1191 for an estimate today!