Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Are You Losing Energy Thru Your Windows?

Overlooking energy-efficiency could cost a lot more than you think! Here is a quick list of questions you should consider before you decide if you need new replacement windows or NOT!

Simply Answer YES or NO

  1. First touch an inside wall of your home, then touch a window. Is the window hotter or colder than your wall?
  2. Are your windows a hassle to open and close or keep open?
  3. Are your windows made of metal or wood?
  4. Are your windows original builders’ grade windows or are the replacement windows more than 7 years old?
  5. Are your windows drafty? Are your windows painted shut? Do you see any cracks or breaks? 
  6. Do your windows leak, form condensation, or show signs of mold and mildew?
  7. Do your windows allow bugs into the house?
  8. Can you hear outside noise or traffic?
  9. Are the colors in your floors or furniture fading?
  10. Do your locks deadbolt into wood? Could they be forced open?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're windows are at risk for costly energy loss. You should contact a window professional today to find out how to better protect your home and family from further energy loss and start saving today!

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