Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Considering a Bathroom Remodel? Set the stage for success!

As with any home improvement project, communication is always critical from the first call to the final install day when you do a completion walk thru your new home upgrade. Here are a few key items you might want to discuss or ask questions about with your home remodeling contractor. Being communicative is crucial for a successful home renovation.

At Father and Son Building and Remodeling we always cover these areas, so you never have to worry. However, in case you want a head start when planning your new Bathroom remodel or other home improvement here is a top list of considerations when planning!

  • Are you planning to live in the house during renovations, or do they need you to leave for safety reasons? If so, be prepared for minor interruptions to your normal day to day routine. Especially if you have children in school.
  • Will any water, sewer, gas, or electric utilities be turned off or disrupted. If so, ask to be provided with notification of at least 24 hours ahead of time so you can make other arrangements if necessary.
  • Is a permit needed for your renovation? If so, ask the contractor to handle permit acquisition.
  • What are the start and finish dates for the renovation? How is rain or inclement weather handled. What about product delays or unforeseen issues worked around? Are these issues specified in the final contract?
  • What are the working hours for the project? Are you ok with any specific work occurring on weekends or does your city not allow any work on any specific days of the weekend?
  • When was your home built? If it was before 1978, all painted surfaces or materials to be removed or disturbed must be tested for lead based paint by a Lead-Safe certified contractor per EPA regulations. Additionally, the contractor completing the demo or removal work must be EPA Lead-Safe certified.
  • How does the contractor handle dust containment? Ask if the contractor hangs plastic sheeting over doorways and openings to help contain as much dust as possible.
  • Is the contractor planning to have a portable toilet delivered to the job? Or, will they be using your bathroom?
  • How will the jobsite debris be dealt with? How often is the debris removed from remodeling site?

And finally after the project has been completed, and the final payment is due, it is always best to create a final punch list of items that need attention or touch up and give a copy of this list to the contractor. Remember, no matter how good a home remodeling crew is there are bound to be something in question! So don't panic, just be COMMUNICATIVE! Like we said in the beginning, communication is critical for a successful home improvement project! Good Luck!

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